The news was quite shocking to a lot of Lafayette residents in October of 2018. One of the city's mainstay parking facilities had been deemed unsafe. That facility, the Buchanan Street Parking Garage has been basically empty since that time.

However, that doesn't mean the parking garage hasn't been a topic of conversation. Shortly after an inspection deemed the parking garage unsafe plans by Lafayette Consolidated Government to solicit repair and restoration proposals were underway.

Unfortunately, it looks as if none of those proposals match the vision or the budget for what the leaders of Lafayette Consolidated Government are looking for. In fact, four different proposals for the Buchanan Garage site were recently rejected by LCG. That means it's literally back to the drawing board.

In a press release made public yesterday, it was announced that LCG would take the next 30 days to make an assessment of the garage’s outside concrete panels and their connections. The new information will be compared to previously completed studies.

What the exact next step following the 30 day assessment period will be was not made clear. However, the leadership in Lafayette Consolidated Government has expressed a desire to utilize the site to its fullest potential for anticipated growth and development in the downtown area.


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