The backyard was a place where dreams were meant to be dreamed and as a kid I dreamed a lot of neat stuff. There were things I felt my backyard always needed. There was a fort/tree house which would be handy for invading hordes of females and big brothers. There was the space station/launching pad which I would need for my scientific experiments and of course I would need to be amused so a roller coaster would certainly be part of the landscape.

Alas, my dream backyard never came to fruition but for one guy he at least got the roller coaster. I must admit after watching this I was really amazed, then I watched it a second and third time and thought, well this gets old in a hurry. Still, it would be nice to have the option to go ride your own personal roller coaster. What did you dream of having in your backyard? Did it come true? If it did I would love to see the pictures.

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