I have had a passionate love affair with climbing trees since I was a kid. I don't have an issue with heights. I have major issues with falling from heights but where trees and tree houses are concerned I can make a few exceptions.

I was checking out the property rental site Airbnb, just nosing around looking for interesting options in places to stay when I stumbled upon their treehouse section. Really? Could I rent a tree house for the night or even a few nights? Sign me up.

In the privacy of my place closer to the clouds, I could contemplate the big problems in life such as "is treehouse one word or should it be tree house two words". Believe it or not, the Internet is having an argument about that.

I found three really cool tree houses in Louisiana that I'd consider renting.


The first is a beautiful Cedar Treehouse on Cross Lake near Shreveport. It costs $135 a night on weekends. The property it sits on is surrounded on two sides by water and it looks like a great couples getaway destination.



The second is a Lofted Treehouse Cabin in the Woods near Covington. Oh my, this is so gorgeous. It can accommodate six guests, has one and a half bathrooms, and could be your weekend getaway for as little as $150 per night.



The third property comes complete with wild animals and the feel of an African safari. It's an African Safari in Louisiana near Moreauville. Moreauville is in Avoyelles Parish near Marksville and Paragon Casino. The property boasts lots of room for lots of people and plenty of exotic animals close by. The rental price begins at $225 a night.

So, that's just three of the really cool treehouses I found in Louisiana that you can rent for a night, a weekend, or an extended stay. If you're like me and love to go out on a limb when you travel then you should really check these places out.