You have to admit this has already been kind of a quirky beach season, hasn't it? The Redneck Riviera has already seen a close brush with a couple of tropical weather systems that brought heavy rain. We've also had reports of itchy and gross sea lice keeping swimmers out of the water.  Now come reports of Coast Guard officials recovering floating bales of illegal drugs.

The U.S. Coast Guard Office out of Mobile confirmed that a bale of cocaine was discovered by a "good samaritan" off the coast of Pensacola Beach over the weekend. The bale weighed about 35 kilograms or 77 pounds.

The drugs were first noticed at about 6 PM on Saturday night floating in the water. Coast Guard officials actually recovered the contraband early Sunday morning.

The average price of a kilo of cocaine on the streets of the U.S. is estimated to be between $24,000 and $27,000. That would make this "find" worth anywhere from $840,000 to $945,000. Authorities are continuing their search for the source of the cocaine.



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