Could the rollercoaster cars that are the metaphors for our lives be once again climbing the hill in preparation for another hold-on-to-your-hat ride that is life in the oilfield? If you use hiring and recruitment as a measure of the future of the oil and gas industry in South Louisiana, then there appears to be a bright spot on the horizon.

According to a website that specializes in connecting oil field workers with oil field jobs the need for employees is once again on the upswing. KLFY TV 10 reported that the site featured over 500 jobs posted by Haliburton in the oil and gas energy sector. About 20 of those positions were for jobs in the immediate Lafayette area.

The kinds of positions reportedly available run the gambit from IT professionals to commercial drivers to office staff and equipment operators. Let's hope this is the beginning of that uptick in the oil patch that we've all been waiting a few years for. It would sure be nice to see more and more hard-working people have a job that's worthy of their time and talents.

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