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Common Core, never have two words evoked such  passionate responses in the history of learning, unless you include the two words "school board". Well the state of Louisiana's "school board", the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, has announced they have formed a committee to review the  policy often referred to as Common Core.

Chas Roemer,President of BESE, says the committee will review the academic standards that are currently in place for Louisiana students. The committee will look more toward improving the standards as opposed to just going for a complete overhaul. The key says Roemer, in comments made to the Louisiana Radio Network, is having  people on the committee who are actually implementing and using the  Common Core standards.

"From the educators who have to implement, to parents and students. We're going to have an open process to make sure we maintain the highest standards that are appropriate for our state."

If you have an opinion on how your child is educated then you will be glad to know that all of these committee meetings will be open. All of the proposed standards, changes, and improvements will be put before public forums for comments and conversation.Roemer said this committee's task is not about choosing a plan that is pro or con, it's about making the right choice for Louisiana students.

"We'll have a group of educators that specialize in ELA, which is English/Language/Arts and we'll have a group of educators who specialize in mathematics,"
At least half of the 26 member committee seats will be filled with district and school based educators. Debbie Meaux President of the Louisiana Association of Educators feels that the majority of the committee seats should be filled with classroom teachers.
"Teachers who have been teaching five years or more, they should have a bachelors degree or are certified in education,We want to make sure that our standards are being reviewed by people who are actually capable to do so.
Committee appointments will be made soon and the process of reviewing the  academic standards for Louisiana students is expected to begin very soon.