I'll be the first to admit that I love a good hole in the wall restaurant - they are usually the best! And here in Louisiana, let's be honest, we have better food at our gas stations than most folks have in their fine dining establishments. And that is the truth!!

Only in Louisiana has come up with a list of places that could be considered Hole in the Walls, but definitely worth visiting for the delectable cuisine. I can't wait to try the ones on the list that I haven't already visited. And just for the record,  my absolute favorite on this list would have to be Tony's Seafood in Baton Rouge. Worth the trip, for sure!

  1. D.I.'s - Basile
  2. Jerry Lee's Cajun Foods - Baton Rouge
  3. Bon Creole Lunch Counter - New Iberia
  4. Almost Home - Natchitoches
  5. Tony's Seafood - North Baton Rouge
  6. Not Your Momma's Cafe and Tavern - Livonia
  7. Coop's Place - New Orleans
  8. Villager's Cafe - Maurice
  9. T-Jim's Grocery & Market - Cottonport
  10. Blue - Shreveport

I'm going to add in a couple more of my own personal favorites - and FYI - 'hole in the wall' is a total compliment in my book.

Chicken on the Bayou - Henderson

Hot Food Express - Lafayette

Olde Tyme Grocery - Lafayette

Dwyer's Cafe - Lafayette



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