The kids have been out of school for about a month and a lot of us have already made at least one sojourn to the beach. Maybe this long holiday weekend will find you making a quick trip to where the map turns blue. Maybe you'll take this extra day of independence to return to your roots. That's what our favorite foodie Chef Jill McCoy has done.

Jill has returned to fabulous CENLA for a few days. So we won't bother her with creating a new dish for us this week. Instead, we will look into the archives of her food and lifestyle blog and share some great tips on a dish that I simply cannot make.

That dish is fried chicken. I know there are a lot of good Cajun mamma's that won't need to even look at this recipe and collection of helpful hints but there are a lot of young cooks, family men and women, and people like me that just can't get the crunchy to juicy ratio right.

Now if you didn't click the red button you missed out on the secret surprise. There is an extra recipe that is included with the tips about the fried chicken so go back and click on the button.

The nice thing about this fried chicken tutorial is you can apply the basic cooking principles to your own chicken recipe. My fried chicken tastes pretty good, it just doesn't have the nice crunch when you bite into it. When I do get the outside nice and crispy the meat on the inside is drier than a Bobby Jindal joke. Following these tips I have made fried chicken that people from Crowley have eaten and enjoyed. So it must work.


**Jill McCoy is a former announcer at 97.3 The Dawg who has turned her focus to cooking. She is currently enrolled at a prestigious culinary school in Austin TX. She also works in the kitchen at one of Austin’s finest restaurants. Jill also maintains her own food and lifestyle blog, Salt and Pepper 2 Taste. She is a regular contributor to 97.3 The Dawg every Friday**

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