Intuition is a great human trait. It allows us to sniff out trouble long before we find ourselves actually getting into the trouble. I call it a "crap detector" and in most cases when that alarm in my head goes off that something isn't quite right I pay attention to the voices. They have served me well. Such is the case with LaVar Ball.

Mr. Ball has been fortunate enough to be the father of some very athletically gifted children. One of his kids, Lonzo Ball, plays basketball in the NBA. Well, he is at least on an NBA roster and his dad, LaVar, is riding his kid's coattails. Unfortunately, it appears as though the direction the Balls are riding is in a downward spiral.

During Lonzo's last year in college and first year in the NBA dear old dad, LaVar held court in front of every television camera and radio microphone that was put near him. He never failed to make me cringe. He even announced a clothing line called Big Baller Brand. It was supposed to be hats, shirts, shorts, and other trendy gear that people would have to have because, well, because Lavar said so.

Now comes word that the Better Business Bureau has given the Big Baller Brand a grade of "F". That's not good Mr. Ball, but it's probably the grade a lot of people would give to you for your parenting skills as well.

The BBB says the Big Baller Brands have had numerous complaints filed against them for non-delivery of merchandise or extended wait times for merchandise to be delivered. The company has failed to provide adequate customer service communications with its customers as well.

The company was allegedly founded on "core family values", those are the company's words, not mine. Perhaps Mr. Ball meant the Manson Family, another California clan known for not playing nice with people.

So, if you're going to support Big Baller Brand by sending them your hard earned money, be aware that you might not ever see your order fulfilled or your money returned. Now that we know Mr. Ball doesn't appear to operate on the up and up we can now ignore him and maybe, just maybe he will go away for good.


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