I love stirring the pot of conspiracy, partly because it leads to great discussion and partly because it's fun to watch some people freak out over things that have been going on for years anyway. The Department of Transportation of the United States of America, that would be our government has announced they would love to see "data recorders" placed in all cars. They say it's so that in the event of a crash the "data recorder" much like the "black box" on an airplane can give investigators added information as to what really happened during the crash. This could lead to better built cars, better highway administration, better tracking and tracing of every American no matter where they travel or when they travel. What if the government also built in to these devices the ability to shut down a car with the flip of a switch bringing a fully mobile country to a dead standstill? Hey then we all be sitting ducks for a coup or takeover by a hostile administration. Okay maybe I am stirring the pot too fast on this one but still points to ponder.

AAA spokesman Justin McNaull says the recorders, “will allow safety researchers to vastly improve their understanding of what happens during crashes; and, of finding out what's happening in the vehicle-- how the driver's interacting with it-- in the seconds leading up to the crash, during the crash and in the seconds following the crash.”

I think ONstar and other services are great if you WANT them. I don't need an eye in the sky watching me even though no matter where I go my credit cards, cellphone and laptop do that anyway.

(via FoxNews.com - Government Touts Crash Recorders, But Privacy Advocates Sound Alarm.)

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