If you have kids in your house, no doubt you have ordered a Happy Meal (or many) from McDonald's over the years. Well, earlier this week McDonald's announced that they are revamping the popular kid's meals, and will offer healthier choices for their small customers. They also stated that by 2022 at least half of the Happy Meals served worldwide will have less than 600 calories.

Some immediate changes are that cheeseburgers will only be available in the Happy Meals by request. Also, the portions of french fries for six piece Chicken McNugget meals will be reduced, and they are cutting the amount of sugar in chocolate milk. Bottled water will also be available for the kids meals as an option. They are also looking at new and healthier foods to add to the already in place menu choices for kids.

'Happy' and nutritious equal a good combination, well done, McDonald's!

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