To own and use a firearm requires a great deal of responsibility. To be elected to represent the will of the people requires a great deal of responsibility. Why do I feel so awkward about a bill allowing our Louisiana lawmakers extended gun privileges moving closer to becoming law? Oh, maybe it's the fact that sometimes I don't see our lawmakers as acting responsibly.

The fact is this a measure proposed by Senator Bret Allain has moved forward through a Senate committee. This bill would give lawmakers the same gun privileges as our trained law enforcement officers. That would mean elected officials could carry a weapon anywhere a peace officer could such as parades, polling places and almost all public buildings.

There are those that oppose this legislation,

"By sitting here and saying that ya'll are more important than the people you represent is hypocrisy,"

Those are the words of Bradley Gullotta. Gullotta's remarks were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. Mr. Gullotta is a spokesman for Gun Rights Across America. That groups contention is that elected officials deserve no more special treatment than the people they represent.

How do  you feel about this issue? Is what's good for the legislature good for everyman or should our elected officials be given special treatment because of their important position? I would hope somewhere in this legislation are provisions for background checks, training and personality profiles for each lawmaker wanting to be considered for this privilege. We already have enough loose cannons in Baton Rouge with out having loose cannons that fire real bullets.

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