The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees you, me, and all Americans the right to bear arms. Should there be places where those arms are off limits? That's the question that the House Criminal Justice Committee took up last week. By a vote of 8 to 6 legislation was approved to be passed on to the full house that would expand gun free zones in the state.

The new legislation if approved by the full House and Senate would make it against the law to carry a weapon in and around parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities.  That's in addition to the other off limits areas where firearms are not allowed. 

Prarieville Representative Tony Bacala is not in favor of the legislation. He believes it's not the guns that should be restricted but the people who are allowed to carry guns. They need to be restricted.

We’ve got to do a better job of identifying these violent people who do not need to be roaming our streets with illegal guns and carrying guns illegally and victimizing the innocent.

Those who support Second Amendment rights are expected to come out strong against this measure according a report published by the Louisiana Radio Network.

In that report, the same one that found Bacala in disagreement with the proposed bill, there were also voices of support. For example New Orleans Representative Jimmie Harris said this bill is not designed to infringe upon anyone's rights. It's all a matter of keeping people safe.

It’s brought to allow for parents, grandparents, friends, whomever, to have an opportunity to go on a park playground or recreational facility and enjoy themselves and not have to worry about foolishness.

The bill was passed out of committee is on its way to the floor of the House where you can bet there will be some hearty discussion and debate before a final vote is taken.


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