We've grown accustomed to seeing them in our airports. We're seeing them more and more in our schools. If one Louisiana legislator has it her way you will be seeing them in your favorite movie theater as well.

They are metal detectors. When used properly they can help identify those individuals who might be carrying a weapon. Perhaps if a metal detector had been in place at the entrance to the Grand Theater in Lafayette this past July two lives could have been saved.

Representative Barbra Norton of Shreveport believes that mandatory metal detectors in movie theaters is a good idea. She is proposing legislation to make that idea a law. Representative Norton told the Louisiana Radio Network,

I think metal detectors may give us an opportunity to be able to detect if anyone has a gun or a weapon.

Many movie goers might agree with that thought. However, many theater operators are not so quick on the uptake. Metal detectors are not cheap. They would require employees to have additional training. They would also slow down the process of movie goers getting into the theater. They might also convey a message of insecurity instead of security to those who are skittish since the recent theater shootings in Lafayette and in Colorado.

Representative Norton suggests in her comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that money is nothing compared to human lives. She also suggests that having metal detectors in place at theaters would actually help calm theater goers fears.

We here in Louisiana have a responsibility to make sure all our citizens are safe. I don’t see any reason why someone would want to prevent a measurement from being put in place that would make it safe or safer.

Norton's legislation will be brought up for debate during the next regular session of the state's legislature.

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