Starting this school year, all Lafayette Parish middle and high schools will be equipped with new weapon detection systems that all students will pass through daily and at all athletic events.


Lafayette Middle and High Schools Now Have Weapon Detection System Machines

As the 2023/2024 school year gets started in Lafayette Parish, things will be slightly different but hopefully a whole lot safer. reports the Lafayette Parish School System purchased the CEIA Opengate machines for every high school and middle school campus.

Booksacks will also be randomly searched during the new screening process.

Jennifer Gardner, Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Operations, tells The Advocate "There’s never one catch-all magical something. But this is just that extra layer. It just speaks to the testament of our board to support school safety."

CEIA OPENGATE Weapons Detection
YouTube Via Jon Sands

The new CEIA OPENGATE Weapons Detection systems will also be used for all visitors at LPSS athletic events.

The new weapon and metal detectors cost $2.3 million.

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"The weapons detection system is portable with each pillar weighing about 25 pounds. It also is weather-proof and can be used outside even when it’s raining.

Unlike metal detectors, the OPENGATE system will allow students or anyone else passing through to keep their keys, phones, and other metals in their bags."


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