While there are many times I curse the technology that exists among us today, there are certainly times I am glad we have the ability to communicate quickly and accurately with each other thanks to modern inventions. Such was the case last night on the campus at LSU in Baton Rouge.

At about 8:30 last night the LSU Twitter account sent out an ominous warning for students and faculty who were on campus.

LSU Police were dispatched to the area mentioned. Their search did not turn up a suspicious person. So later that evening the all-clear was given. Officials with the University said once police had concluded their investigation an alert was sent saying that "LSU is returning to normal operations".

Most college campuses and many high school campuses have similar alert networks set up for the safety of faculty and students. Many of these alert services are also available for parents. As a parent of a kid away from home at college the ability to receive official information in a timely manner has done wonders for my peace of mind.


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