Those celeb hounds at TMZ managed to catch sudden celebrity Blake Shelton while the country superstar was leaving the Hollywood hotspot Pink Taco recently. If there is one thing we know about Shelton, it's that he is always good for a quip, and TMZ got several of 'em on tape.

Shelton seemed a little buzzed following his meal, as is assumed from his slightly slurred speech -- but he played along like a good sport. The singer, who makes no secret of the fact that he likes to toss 'em back, made some jokes about having some drinks on 'The Voice' set. He also joked that TMZ boss Harvey Levin is doing the same from the cup he always has by his side.

Shelton, an avid hunter, declared that his favorite turkey to shoot is the one in the little glass "that tall," using his hand to demonstrate the size. Of course, he meant Wild Turkey shots!

"How can you stand to be in this business and not drink your face off," Shelton asked rhetorically while on camera. The entertainment business is a cruel mistress, and Shelton's question succinctly summed up how people deal with the stresses and pressures.

Alcohol wasn't the sole topic of conversation, though. The 'Over' hitmaker went as far as to make a sex joke on camera, claiming that he used to "get in the back of the pickup truck and get laid to some George Strait." He then hopped in his awaiting car and rolled away with Season 2 'The Voice' star RaeLynn in tow.

Somewhere, Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert is rolling her eyes at her hubby for once again opening his big mouth, even if in jest.

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