Blake Shelton may not be a fan of all the background dancers and glitzy staging he sees on ‘The Voice‘ — and he’s taken a little flack for his critiques from fellow judges who insinuate that he just doesn’t appreciate the art of staging. But that doesn’t mean the country king can’t appreciate things outside his own genre. If there’s one pop craze to which Shelton unabashedly subscribes, it’s Justin Bieber.

After the Biebs took ‘The Voice’ stage on Tuesday night to preview his new video (April 17), Shelton seemed quite impressed with the young talent, singing his praises and even comparing him to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself — Elvis Presley.

“You would have to be living under a damn rock not to know who the kid is and the impact that he is having,” Shelton told Hollywood Life, referring to Bieber. “I never witnessed anything like that, it’s got to be similar to what happened with Elvis when he would come walking into a room. People screaming and crying, I literally looked at a group of girls that were in the audience and they were crying!”

And to top it all off, the ‘Drink on It’ singer seems to think pretty highly of the pop star beyond just his ability to swoon and attract high-pitched screams.

“Man, I like that kid,” Shelton continued. “He came over and shook all of our hands, so he seems to be a really good kid on top of everything else, on top of being extremely hot and talented!”

Needless to say, he’s a Belieber. And it’s a good thing Shelton isn’t stuck in his country ways, because his team on ‘The Voice’ now consists of two artists who aren’t about to don a pair of cowboy boots or drop a y’all, having lost country’s newest cutie RaeLynn during last night’s episode. With smooth R&B talent Jermaine Paul and powerhouse vocalist Erin Willett hoping to take ‘The Voice’ throne this year, Shelton is becoming quite the fan of other styles of music.

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