A viral video shows a woman in the middle of a heated argument with her boyfriend after he allegedly refused to pay the tab for her and all 18 friends that she invited to her birthday dinner.

I want to preface everything that you're about to see or read with the fact that there is a 99.9% chance that this video is fake. Everything about it checks the boxes of every other "skit" that we've seen popping up on TikTok before being shared and circulated on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Just recently, the "baby mama" at the center of a video that sparked debate over her baby's father bringing McDonald's to their son and not her other three kids admitted the entire video was fabricated for clicks and views.

With that said, the part of these videos that is real is the conversation and debate that it brings to the collective internet. In this case, you've got a lot of mixed reactions over whether or not the boyfriend should have picked up the bill for every single one of his girlfriend's 18 friends.

According to the clip, the boyfriend had no idea his girlfriend would even be inviting 18 friends. He thought the dinner would be an intimate celebration with only the two of them but it ended up being a group outing.

The argument takes place in the parking lot of Maggiano's restaurant as we see everyone holding to-go bags from the restaurant. The girlfriend can be heard hurling NSFW insults at the man while her girlfriends chirp in the background.

The boyfriend defends himself by saying he didn't have the means to cover the tabs of 18 different people.

But even if he did have the means, it seems like he was more aggravated with the idea that he was expected to be responsible for covering the dinner bill of nearly 20 people who weren't even invited to the birthday date that he was taking his girlfriend on.

According to the video caption and what we could hear in the clip, the boyfriend also didn't cover the bill for his girlfriend either—perhaps because it wasn't the intimate date that he envisioned.

Most people felt like the girlfriend was way out of pocket.

As crazy as it may sound, there were actually people who felt like the boyfriend should have ponied up the cash to cover all of her friends since it was her birthday. Someone even suggested he pay for the meals as a way to flex for his girlfriend in front of her friends.

Then there were those who said if there was any reason for him to cover the meals, it would be to cover for his girlfriend who was inconsiderate to invite her friends to a birthday dinner that wasn't catered or paid for.

So who is embarrassing who in this situation? Because even though the video may be fake, this situation is very real—and clearly, based on the comments, there have been many people who have experienced this exact scenario.

I don't know about you, but I'm #TeamBoyfriend all the way.

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