Brad Paisley and Peyton Manning may never have been a musical act to begin with, but the band is getting back together to record a new string of ads for Nationwide, according to a new pair of clips posted to the insurance company's social media.

The country superstar and retired NFL quarterback have made an unlikely -- but impressive! -- comedic duo over the past few years, co-starring in a series of commercials for the insurance company. The pair's comedic banter and storyline of trying to write a new song based on the Nationwide jingle quickly elevated the commercials into a story line all their own, and according to the new teaser, there is more to come for the duo in search of the perfect Nationwide song. Press play below to watch the first of two clips.

Paisley debuted his first Nationwide commercial in the summer of 2016 during the NBC Summer Olympics Opening ceremony broadcast, and followed up that spot with another ad in 2017. Since his first campaign for the insurance company, Paisley and Manning have collaborated on a series of commercials.

In the company's follow-up "Jingle Sessions" ad, Paisley and Manning observe a couple surveying a new home, and Manning suggests a song about home insurance, or perhaps auto insurance. Finally, they settle on a "mashup" about bundling the two. While there is no word yet on what direction the new series of commercials may take, the pair's onscreen chemistry is as irresistible as ever, and perhaps Manning will -- as he wistfully imagines at the end of the second clip -- finally get to be part of a band.

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