A tropical wave. It sounds like something you would order at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. Actually, I think you can do that, but in this case, the tropical wave we're speaking of is the weather phenomenon not the fruity drink with an umbrella on the rim.

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center say an area of disturbed weather centered just north of the island of Hispaniola is expected to slide westward over the next few days. By the middle of next week, the system should be in the Gulf of Mexico and could have an impact on Louisiana's weather.

Forecasters are giving the system a very small chance to strengthen to anything more than an area of tropical showers and thunderstorms over the next five days. However, the water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico are warm enough to support tropical development. It's the other atmospheric conditions that might hinder this storm's development.

Regardless, there is still plenty of time for forecasters to monitor this weather system over the Labor Day Holiday and fine tune their forecast. As of right now, it looks as if the largest impact from the system could be heavy rainfall from the upper Texas coast across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. As for exactly how much rain and where the heaviest amounts will fall we will just have to wait and see.

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