Brad Paisley is not all that happy with his record label these days. So much so, that he's suing Sony Music, claiming that they stole more than $10 million from him.

According to court documents filed on March 31, Paisley believes Sony, "failed to live up to their agreements and other legal obligations,” despite a 2011 lawsuit.

The documents read:

The primary reason that Paisley is commencing this action is because Sony continuously has refused Paisley access to a variety of information and applied incorrect royalty rates, prices, and reductions, pursuant to the Recording Agreement, resulting in Sony’s significantly underpaying Paisley.

Brad first sued Sony back in 2002 to get access to his royalty information. A judge partially shot him down stating that he signed a contract with Sony which only allowed him to challenge royalty payments since 2006.

The legal battle has been at an impasse for months until Paisley filed the amended lawsuit in March, claiming Sony owes him around $10 million, given his record sales and successful tours.