As we've found out from our friends at The Daily Advertiser, the confession tapes from Brandon Scott Lavergne have been released. In the confession, Lavergne says he accidentally hit Mickey Shunick as she rode her bicycle in the morning hours of May 19.

"Lavergne said he had been driving his truck around Lafayette, sipping on a bottle of Jack Daniels on the evening of May 18 and early May 19. Just before 2 a.m., he was hungry for a Whataburger so he turned from University Avenue onto St. Landry Street to cut through to Johnston which would lead him to the restaurant on Ambassador Caffery Parkway, just blocks from Shunick's home.

"I was playing on my phone the whole time," he said. Telephone records indicate Lavergne was calling escort services.

"I seen something out the corner of my eye" and when he looked up, he braked hard but hit the rear wheel of Shunick's bicycle.

Lavergne said he jumped out the truck, apologizing. Shunick was yelling at him.

Lavergne, who had a previous conviction for sexual assault, said he was worried about calling the police because he had a gun in his truck. Shunick indicated she had drugs on her, so they agreed not to call the police, he said."

"Lavergne said Shunick was hesitant to let him drive her home, but she agreed and got in his truck. He put the bike in the bed of the truck and drove off. Shunick asked how they would settle the damage on the bike. He offered $100, but she said it was a $500 bike. Lavergne said it was only a damaged wheel."

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