A tragic story now has another very tragic twist. The brother of former Louisiana IcegatorDerek Boogaard has now been charged in connection with is death. Aaron Boogaard has allegedly admitted to giving his brother a prescription pain killer just before he went out for a night of drinking. The irony of this tragic tale is that Derek Boogaard had been out of rehab for substance abuse only one day prior.  

The District Attorney in Minnesota says the case is very tragic in so many ways but the law is still the law. The younger Boogaarrd has been charged with unlawful distribution of a control substance and interfering with the scene of a death. He allegedly flushed his brother's stash of pills down the toilet before police and medical crews arrived.

Assuming Aaron Boogaard has no criminal priors it is expected he will be given 21 months probation and no time in prison. An attorney for the Boogaard family has expressed that Aaron and his entire family are totally devestated by this tragic loss. Boogaard played 33 games for the Louisiana Icegators in the 2002-2003 season.