You read that right, "Bruce Conducts The Acadiana Symphony", it's true I did stand before our own ASO with baton in hand and made music. Well, I didn't make the music and I am pretty sure they really didn't need me waving a stick at them. But it was certainly a memorable night for me.


I love music. I love music when it's played live and played well. Our Acadiana Symphony is an amazing musical entity that lives and breathes thought provoking, soul stirring sound. For me to stand before them, even for just one song, was an honor I did not deserve but I am most grateful for.

To many when you hear the word "symphony" you think stuffy shirts, high-falutin', upper crust folks. That isn't the case. Our Acadiana Symphony has an amazing outreach program to bring not only classical music, but music of all genres to our area. In fact the ASO has a special event on January 27th that anyone who has ever played a video game will not want to miss.

Acadiana Symphony

The symphony is under the direction of Maestro Mariusz Smolij. The Maestro is an incredible professional with a strong passion for bringing music to life for the enjoyment of others. I was most honored and touched by the opportunity to learn more about this incredible organization during the past few days. We really have a treasure in the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra,I hope you will take the time to enjoy their talents at their next performance.

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