Tomorrow is Pie Day Friday on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show. Every Friday one of the cast members or added friends with benefits on the show is tasked with the job of bringing in a pie. I have done a Crawfish Pie, A sugar free chocolate pie, an ice box berry pie and now I need another idea.

Why do we do Pie Day Friday? It's to celebrate the last day of the work week and everybody loves pie. Making a cake is too hard and things can go really bad when you try to do a fancy cake.

I think you should start this Pie Day Friday  tradition at your office. Still I need some ideas on what kind of pie to make. I was thinking of making a sausage pie, but this looks too hard and very close to a quiche which would result in revocation of my man card.

Here is what I need you to consider; the pie has to be good. It can be a dessert pie or a savory entree pie. It needs to be VERY simple to make and it has to reheat well. Since I get to work around 2 in the morning and we have no oven, just a microwave, the reheat or no need for heating is a big deal.

Give me some love pie makers of Acadiana. I am counting on you. If I choose or use your recipe I will make it up to you in a very special way.