According to the press release from Lafayette Consolidated Government the total working time on the Bruce Street bridge was 119 working days. To the tens and hundreds of commuters, namely me, whose lives were affected by the closing of this major thoroughfare, we know it was more like a nightmare 2 and a half years in the making.



The Bruce Street Bridge, according to legend, was named for 97.3 The Dawg Morning Show Host Bruce Mikells. The 24 foot long by 20 foot wide bridge was deemed unsafe in October of 2009 and was closed to traffic immediately.

Bruce Street Bridge 2

When inspectors took a closer look at the bridge they found the wooden structure to be compromised and deemed replacement was the only solution. Further inspection of the bridge found a hodgepodge of utility lines and pipelines running underneath the bridge structure along the banks of the coolie the bridge crossed.



bruce street bridge

It took a coordinated effort and total redesign to maintain the integrity of the utility lines and rebuild the bridge to more modern standards. According to a press release the bridge was open for all traffic on Monday June 18.





The total cost of the project  was $480,000.00.It is estimated that the reopening of the bridge could save commuters in the area any where from 30 seconds to a minute and half in daily drive time each day.

Bruce Street Bridge

City Parish President Joey Durel is expected to announce grand opening festivities and the placement of a historical marker on the bridge during his next conversation with Bruce and the Kennel Club on Thursday June 21. There have been rumors circulating of a parade and speeches by local dignitaries to commemorate this auspicious occasion.



Disclaimer: The Bruce Street Bridge isn't named for Bruce Mikells but he has complained about it to Mr. Joey Durel almost every Thursday on his radio show since October 2009. The bridge handles only traffic from Bruce's neighborhood and he really has been a butt about the whole thing. So there!

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