I would love to say this is an unbiased review but I believe in putting the cards square on the table when you are about to discuss someone's reputation. I am a coffee drinker. Not like you are a coffee drinker, unless you wake up at 1 in the morning and have be bright eyed and busy tailed until ten am. My use of coffee is more medicinal. I have a severe caffeine addiction and I get the headaches to prove it. I just wanted that statement out in the open before I talked about my latest gadget, the Keurig Coffee maker.

The concept of the Keurig is great for people who want a quick cup of mildly warm weak coffee on the way to work. The Keurig makes the java in about a minute and you can add the milk or Splenda to your taste and you are out the door. I do appreciate the quickness in which the machine delivers the goods.

As you might have guessed by my use of "mildly warm, weak coffee" in the previous paragraph I am not to thrilled with the quality of the Keurig's product. Remember I am a junkie so I am probably a little to harsh in this aspect of my review. I would love for the final brew to be stronger, and yes, I have purchased several different "K-cups" with several different varieties of coffee in them. As of yet I haven't found one that kicks in the caffeine quite the same way a Community Double Dark Roast does.

The 'K-Cups" are another bone of contention with me. Unless you buy the stylish display rack and take up even more room on your kitchen counters you have to dig through the box to find one that features a style of java you like. They also seem to be a tad expensive when compared to the bag of coffee I normally buy. The bag of coffee also allows me the freedom to make a stronger pot if I absolutely have to have it.

The advantages of the Keurig as I see them, variety, ease of use and always fresh coffee. With the Keurig you can have Italian Roast in one cup, the wife can have Hazelnut in her cup and the kids can make hot chocolate. There is very little mess with the Keurig too. The only clean up is the cup you're drinking from. You don't have to dump grinds, wash pots, clean filters or even buy filters for that matter. The Keurig also brews a fresh cup of Joe every time. There is no wondering how old the coffee is with the Keurig.

For me personally, the Keurig is a little less than I need. For you, the normal coffee drinker whose hands don't shake when you try to write your name, it is a great idea. Men, it is never a good idea to get the lady in your life any gift that has an electric plug, however this might be a great gift for the family. Ladies, I think your man will like this gift too and best of all you get to use it as much or more than he will.

At prices starting near $100 and up depending on the model you choose, the Keurig is a pretty good buy and I think would make a really great gift for someone who isn't a caffeine junkie.

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