5 Natural Energy Boosters
Bye Bye 5 hour energy and multiple cups of coffee. We have the best, five natural energy boosters to give you the perfect pep in your step. The problem is we are all looking for a quick, pick-me-up without considering if it is healthy or not, and most of the quick tricks are not healthy. Next time y…
The Greatest Addiction Ever: Coffee [Video]
Hello, my name is Bruce Mikells and I am an addict. I am addicted to caffeine and I don't plan on giving up my dirty little habit anytime soon. Am I really that far out of the norm with my need for a hot steaming cup of coffee every morning?
Energy Drinks Good Or Bad?
What keeps you up during those long work hours?  Or long study hours for us college kids?  Maybe your just tired, but all of your friends are going out tonight!  What are you going to do?  "Pop-A-Top Again!"  By that I mean drink some Redbull, am I right? &…