I know people who wake up and only have one cup of coffee. I am not one of those people. I wake up and have a pot of coffee. I am a caffeine junkie. However I do understand the needs of some to start their day without the chemical jump start. I salute you for trying. I am here to help. While I will never officially join you in trying these methods, I commend you for giving them a try.

  • Chris Hondros/Getty Images
    Chris Hondros/Getty Images

    Drink A Glass Of Water

    When we think about dehydration we usually think of sweating outside. Dehydration can occur while you sleep. Especially if you went to bed dehydrated. That glass of water is what your body needs to "wake up the processes". You know, get the system moving for the day.Even if you drink coffee starting your day with a glass or two of water is really a great idea.

  • Sean Gallup / getty images
    Sean Gallup / getty images

    Eat An Apple

    There is something about apples that will just brighten your morning. Maybe it's the combination of natural sugar that spikes your energy level. Regardless apples have a nice wake you up kick. They also feed your body what it is hungry for after an eight hour fast.I have found on those dreadful days when there is no coffee available that an apple will prevent or at least subdue my caffeine addiction headache.

  • Scott Olson/Getty Images
    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    No Snooze Button

    The snooze button is the second biggest lie that is told in bed. You'll have to search your own soul to figure out what the biggest lie is. By allowing your self to drift back into a state of semi-consciousness you are actually increasing the brain's need for artificial stimulation. When you alarm goes off get up immediately. Get your feet on the floor and get out of bed. That will start to fire the signals your body needs to wake up on its own.

  • ARENA Creative, ThinkStock
    ARENA Creative, ThinkStock

    Plan Breakfast A Day Ahead

    Almost all of us are hungry when we first wake up. That nice glass of water will get your digestive system ready for the main event which is breakfast. If you already have planned what you're going to eat you can look forward to breakfast. We will all get out of bed when we know there is good food we love waiting for us in the kitchen. Sure it's a mind game but it's a game you can win and you'll also have a chance to enjoy a little more time in the morning since hunting for breakfast has been taken care of.

  • Hoby Finn, ThinkStock
    Hoby Finn, ThinkStock

    Jump Into A Cold Shower

    I think you know how a cold shower affects a warm sleepy body don't you? Yes there will be screaming and maybe even some foul language but you will be awake. Your eyes will be wide open and your heart will be racing. That cold shower shock to the system is really like a jump start to a dead battery. Once you apply a little spark it's amazing how fast that engine will crank.

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