Independence, it means to be on your own, to make your  own choice, to choose your own path, to be responsible for paying your own way. Today citizens of Scotland are going to the polls to decide if Scotland will remain in their current arrangement with England or if they will choose to go out own their own.

Like most Americans I am totally oblivious to international affairs. But fortunately on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show we have Mr. Hugh. Mr. Hugh Lamont is a part time radio DJ, world traveler and all around patient human being. I know he is patient because he takes the time to explain complicated issues to simple minds like mine.

If I have my facts correct, Mr. Hugh is from Scotland but he live in England. Granted the part of England he lives in is basically Scotland he still lives outside the country of his birth. So I asked him if Scottish independence is approved will you be a foreign citizen in your own living room? Mr. Hugh did his best to explain the social and economical impacts of each choice but even through the e-mail he could tell my brain had glazed over. So he sent this helpful video.

This guy ,John Oliver, must be the British Stephen Colbert. He delivers political news with just a bit of sarcasm. Okay, a lot of sarcasm and his tongue firmly planted in his cheek but after watching this very funny piece, I felt I understood the issue, the emotion, and the reasons that both sides of the debate find important. If you have a minute and want to know a little more and laugh a lot more give this video a few minutes of your time.

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