Well dawgs, I am about to pull at your heart strings just a bit. Prepare your box of tissues. I would like to share the story of a young Shar-Pei cross who is 'on the road again.'

Scottish SPCA
Scottish SPCA

According to Scottish SPCA, this big guy was found Friday evening at Ayr Railway Station tied to a rail outside of the station. Next to him was a suitcase full of his belongings (the tears can start welling now). Thankfully, he was chipped so the SPCA was able to find out that his name is Kai and track down his owner.

When authorities contacted his owner, he told them that he had sold Kai back in 2013 and was not able to give them the address of his current owner. However, this sweet baby is in the loving hands of the Scottish SPCA.

Because of the Animal Health and Welfare Act of 2006 (Scotland), anyone who is found guilty of abandoning an animal can be restricted from owning a pet for an extended period of time or life.

The Scottish SPCA are still looking for information about poor Kai's owner. We will keep an eye on his story and update you if we come up with any news.

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