I spend a lot of time snooping around on the internet. Mainly I am looking for old Calvin and Hobbes cartoons and stuff from The Far Side.

Every now and then I stumble across something that I feel might be useful to not only me, but especially useful to you. From what I understand this is actually part of the driving process in Germany. I think it would be a great idea to start in the United States.

In Germany in order to obtain a license to operate a motor vehicle you must take and pass a certified first aid class. The thought is that in the event of a crash you and every other driver that is stopping to render aid will have some basic life saving skills. How many of you know how to do CPR? How many of you would know how to stop a bleeding wound? How many of you would know what to do if a person was in a state of shock?

Knowing these basics in first aid could make all the difference between life and death. Obviously we would leave the real life saving to the paramedics and first responders but the simple act of stabilizing a patient or stopping the bleeding in the correct manner could be beneficial to all of those concerned.

What do you think of the idea? Would you agree to take a certified first aid class in order to get your license to drive? Do you think the personal injury attorneys would have a field day if someone tried to help a victim and there was an issue? America, what a country.

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