You may have witnessed my first feeble attempts at teaching our dog Jasper some basic dog stuff. Let's just say we were mildly successful in our earlier endeavors.

If you didn't notice, the dog actually pees right in front of me. Probably not the best lesson I could have taught him. Just for the record, his public urination did not result in a sty in his eye. 

I am smart enough to know I don't know enough to teach a dog basic obedience commands. It was suggested that I give Sit Happens in Scott a call. Here's what their professional training techniques and tips were able to help me accomplish with Jasper.

As you can see getting a professional involved is a pretty good idea when it comes to dog training. I would also toss in plumbing, air conditioner repair, tree removal, and home security. Those are just some of the professional services I have had to use in the past six weeks and quite frankly I am glad those pros were there to help me get things done.

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