Mike Evans, star of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team says he was wrong to hit Saints Rookie Marshon Lattimore in the back. The cheap shot, and yes it was a dirty cheap shot, took place as the Saints were blowing out the hapless Bucs in the Superdome on Sunday.

Lattimore was near the Tampa Bay sideline when injured Tampa Bay quarterback and alleged stealer of crab legs, Jameis Winston plunked him on his helmet. Lattimore responded by pushing Winston in retaliation.  Here's  how it looked.

In addressing the issue after the game on Sunday Evans admitted his emotions got the best of him. Football is an emotional game and when you're getting your butt handed to you the way the Saints were handing it to Tampa Bay I can see why Evans was a bit on edge.

Lattimore had this to say about the incident.

Still, he shouldn't have done it. Furthermore, what is Winston's punishment for this incident going to be? True, his tap to the head of Lattimore wasn't that big of a deal but he did come off the bench on the field of play.

The Saints won the game by a score of 37 to 10.


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