What does your bumper sticker say about you?

And when I say "bumper" sticker, I mean bumper sticker, rear-window decal, other-window decal, chrome raised fish-looking thing, front window decal, etc.

I took a few minutes to walk around our parking lot to get pics of my co-workers' decals. Let's see if they are easy to figure out.

  • 1

    The Combo Pack

    Sometimes you'll see these rear-window decals that feature a rack (deer horns), ducks, fish, etc., all combined into one image. This one is easy: this guy likes to surf, and he likes to fish.  Or, he likes to fish for surfers. (I would pay to see that sport!)

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 6
  • 2

    Ancient Logo

    Here's an old, decrepit Fleur-de-Lis. This symbol got its start hundreds of years ago when it was used on the King of France's coat of arms, so this person is either a) a proud Frenchman, or b) a Saints fan from Day #1.

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 8
  • 3

    Brand Loyalty

    I looked up KTM Racing on the interwebs, and when I read the first result (it was the KTM website), the description fit the owner of the car's personality to at "T". KTM is a brand of motorcycle, the motorcycle that, in layman's terms, is the "Jeep" of all motorcycles. "Adventure, Purity, Performance, Extreme" is what it read and, knowing the owner of the vehicle to which the sticker was adhered, these words are a perfect description!

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 9
  • 4

    I'm Proud Of My Heritage

    Whether it be the flag of a country, letters on a white oval (for countries in Europe), a leprechaun, bratwurst or crawfish, decals like these are meant to convey one thing: I'm proud to be Cajun (or Irish, German, Puerto Rican, a Texan, etc.).

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 10
  • 5

    I'm A Supporter

    The decal that I initially intended to concentrate on in this photo is the UL logo, but then I got to thinking: the combination of these two shows that smart people can like UL, and UL people can like smart things. (Wait, what? I'm not certain, I'm on my 3rd beer as I type this, a skill I picked up at USL). So, this person is smart enough to figure out how to use a Mac (I'm not), AND they support UL. I get it. Or, maybe, someone took a bite out of this UL supporter's Beatles record.

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 11
  • 6

    Mixed Signals

    This one here confuses me: yes, it is a picture of a small-mouthed bass. But the fish is also a symbol of Christianity. Is this person just a fisherperson? Or is this person a Christian? Or, is this person a Christian who likes to fish? Or is this person showing support for the fish and, by displaying the decal, asking people to NOT fish?

    Quite confused, I am.

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon
  • 7

    Swim Mom

    Here's another easy one: Swim Mom. Not only does it say "Swim Mom" on the sticker, but it also shows the silhouette of a woman holding a deformed gas can. (And look at the empty arm: is that arm normal? Did the model who posed for this sticker swim around Three Mile Island?)

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 2
  • 8

    Preemptive Strike

    This sticker should help reduce road rage: just when you are about to scream "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? ARE  YOU CRAZY?" as the vehicle in front of you does something to add ammonia to your Cheerios, you'll notice the sticker and think "Oh, no need to shout that out loud because, according to his sticker, yes. The answer would be yes". (BTW: that sticker's mine.)

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 3
  • 9

    I Support My Kid's School

    I like this one better than the "My Kid Is An Honor Student At ABC High School". This one shows that, not only do you have kids in school, you are also a member of the booster club for that school. This tells me, right away, that school isn't just a "babysitter" in your brain. Kudos to you, Mom or Dad, for supporting your kid's after-school programs.

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 4
  • 10

    The Mega Combo Pack

    #1 on the list was the "Combo Pack". This one is the "Mega Combo Pack" or, as we like to call it around the building, the "Hoarder Pack" (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    We all know the type: adventurous, beer-drinking, road-tripping, I-don't-wear-deodorant-on-vacation people who, quite honestly, most of us envy. Just look at the places they've been. Look at the beer they've consumed. And a Colorado sticker? My assumption is that they really enjoy the Rocky Mountain High, IYKWIM (wink).

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 5
  • 11

    Cancer Sucks

    The last one is easy: no one likes cancer.

    We see too many of these types of stickers which, usually, were created in conjunction with a fundraiser to help raise awareness and funds for cancer patients.

    This sticker fills me with pride because I was part of a community that came together for a girl that most of us didn't even know. Total strangers, from around the country (and places outside of the US), came together to donate money, goods, services, food, talents and prayers to help a girl that needed help. This sticker is just one of many that relays this type of message. The St. Jude stickers, MDA stickers, Autism Society of Acadiana stickers, Miles Perret stickers, Jacob Crouch stickers - the local list goes on and on.

    This sticker shows what we do: Acadiana takes care of its own. And, if someone who isn't from around here needs help, well, we'll take care of them, too.

    Sticker Photo by John Falcon 7