Burger King says its new Halloween "Nightmare King" burger is "clinically proven to induce nightmares." Seriously, they actually conducted scientific sleep research. Oh, and it has a green bun.

The "Nightmare King" will be available on Monday, October 22nd through November 1st at participating locations nationwide.

The frightening flame-broiled Halloween treat is "a quarter pound of flame-grilled beef, a white meat crispy chicken fillet, melted American cheese, thick-cut bacon, creamy mayonnaise and onions on a glazed green sesame seed bun." 

According to usatoday.com, Burger King teamed up with the Paramount Trials and Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services to conduct a sleep study. They had participants eat a "Nightmare King" to see if the sandwich would give them nightmares.

“'According to previous studies, 4 percent of the population experiences nightmares in any given night,' said Dr. Jose Gabriel Medina, the study’s lead doctor, in a statement. 'But, after eating the Nightmare King, the data obtained from the study indicated that the incidence of nightmares increased by 3.5 times.'”

So, according to the study, eating a "Nightmare King" can actually give you nightmares!


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