My kids cringe at the thought of leftovers. Being a parent I know certain things actually taste better the next day like a good spaghetti sauce or even a gumbo. But that is just one day, what about almost two and a half centuries? Uh, I think I will just have a Pop-Tart and call it a night. Still the hunters of history are pretty darn excited about what they think might be the worlds oldest bowl of soup.

The liquid and bones in the vessel had turned green due to the oxidation of the bronze, it said. Scientists were expected to conduct further tests to confirm the liquid was indeed soup and to identify the ingredients.

You want to get the recipe for this concoction? Or maybe you could just leave me a comment on what foods you think taste better the day after. Give a click below and lets talk about it

(via China uncovers 2,400-year-old soup: state media - Yahoo! News.)

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