We've all wasted money on things we thought we needed, when in reality we actually just wanted them. Yep, raising my hand on this one, for sure. But, according to Money Talks, there are certain things that we should never buy. Ever. They have a pretty extensive list, but our top ten favorites are below. And FYI, I'm re thinking my spending habits as we speak.

  • Baby shoes - cute but completely unnecessary before they walk
  • Greeting cards - I totally agree with this one, because some of them cost up to $5.00! A waste of money.
  • Cigarettes - you know they're bad for you. Just put them down, and see how much you save in money, and health.
  • Scented cat litter - according to the ASPCA, cats prefer unscented. Really.
  • Most kitchen gadgets - do you really need an egg slicer or apple corer?
  • Premium gas - regular is fine in most cases, according to Edmunds.com
  • Cardboard moving boxes - you can get them free from supermarkets, liquor stores, and most pharmacies.
  • Anything from 'As Seen on TV' - We totally agree with this one.
  • Cable TV - we have so many more options these days, for waaaaaay less money
  • Pre-Cut Produce - you pay up to 40% more when they cut it instead of cutting it yourself.



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