I have never really thought about how I would go about stealing booze from a liquor store. Probably because I don't drink and I don't steal. However, deputies in Calcasieu Parish are searching for someone who appears to celebrate both of those vices.

Deputies with CPSO say on more than one occasion a man as walked into the Hokus Pokus Liquor Store on Country Club Road wearing waders or baggy pants and has literally shoved half-gallon bottles of high dollar hootch in his pants. He then walks out of the store like nothing is wrong.

His image has been captured on the store's security camera. CPSO Deputies just need your help in putting a name with the face. The liquor store manager told KPLC Television in Lake Charles that each half-gallon bottle of Hennesy is valued at over $100 and so far the thief has gotten away with more than a case of liquor.

The store has placed the thief's beverage of choice under lock and key and they have upgraded their security cameras and system. If I could offer this advice for store personnel too. Watch for customers who come in wearing waders or walking funny, or making clanking noises when they move. Trust me, it's hard to hide a half-gallon of anything in your pants.

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