A young cancer patient in Acadiana is in need of emotional support, and the Jeepers are just the ones able to provide it.

Sadie Guidry is 13, and she has had more on her plate than the typical teen-ager: this is her 3rd round of battling cancer.

Family members say she is a fighter and is showing strength through this tough time. The family wants to do something special for her, so they are trying to organize a "ride" with Jeeps for her!  She LOVES Jeeps, and it would lift her spirits to see a bunch of Jeeps showing up in her honor.

If Sadie is feeling well enough for a ride, she will hop in a Jeep and go on a little ride in the Parks area, and any Jeepers who show up are asked to ride along. If she is not feeling well enough, they are asking Jeepers to have a little parade in front of her house so she can see all of the Jeeps.

The weather in October is usually great for a ride so, if you can, meet up at the park in Parks on Saturday, October 10 at 9am, seatbelts fastened at 10 for a little ride for Sadie. The ride will head for the levee, and then afterward, a DJ will be set up in the park just for a little fun.

For more information, contact April Albert on Facebook. Y'all go support this young lady as she stands up to cancer!