Earlier this week, Bruce and I were chatting on air about U.S. Women's Soccer star Carli Lloyd and how she made a 55-yard field goal at Philadelphia Eagles practice.

I uttered to Bruce that I was confident that I could kick a field goal too. After a bent-over belly laugh for a good 97 seconds by my cohort, he offered a strong difference of opinion.

So a bet was born. Confident in my kicking ability, I presented Bruce with a wager that he couldn't turn down -- fried chicken!

Yep, I bet Bruce that if I couldn't make a 35-yard field goal in five attempts, I would buy him a huge bucket of Krispy Krunchy fried chicken.

However, if I was successful, the morning show co-host would get his big break on stage with Dustin Sonnier next Thursday at the Cajundome before the Chris Young show.

Yep, Bruce will have to sing on stage the song of my choice.

That's how the bet was set up. We went out to Acadiana High School's practice field yesterday to settle things. I won't spoil things for you and just let the video do the talking.

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