Have you heard of Acadiana's latest TikTok star yet? She's going viral for all of the right reasons...

TikTok youwishiwasyourgranny
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TikTok's youwishiwasyourgranny

Flora Young from Carencro, or @youwishiwasyourgranny as she's known by millions on TikTok, has been making funny, sweet, and lighthearted videos about a serious subject, and the internet is loving it.

Ms. Young's message is aimed at those who might be in abusive relationships, urging them to walk away.

She offers advice and hope because Flora Young knows firsthand how difficult it can be to get out of an abusive relationship.

Young tells KLFY.com -

"I was once married to a man who called me stupid every day. He destroyed my confidence. He thought he owned me.

For many years, I felt like an object in my marriage and not a partner. I was just a thing to him, and although I was never subject to physical violence, he was verbally abusive and it almost destroyed me."


Flora Young TikTok Granny
@youwishiwasyourgrann Viay TikTok


As a mother of three, she says she always thought she would leave her abusive situation once the kids were grown.

Then one night, she realized for her and the kid's sake and safety, waiting any longer to leave wasn't an option.

She tells KLFY "The final straw was when he came home one night drunk and stood over my bed and told me he was going to kill me and the children."


@youwishiwasyourgranny TikTok
@youwishiwasyourgrann Viay TikTok


By sharing her experiences on TikTok, Young is spreading hope to those who may be in the same situation she was in, and showing them how great life can be when you're with someone who truly loves you.

Although she's tackling a serious subject, Young does it in the most inspiring, sweet, and entertaining way possible.

Her story and videos have clearly struck a chord with folks, because to date Young has racked up over 5 million views and has over a quarter of a million TikTok followers.

You can see more of @youwishiwasyourgranny's videos on her TikTok page HERE.

Read more of her interview at KFLY.com.

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