Remember the TV show "Growing Up Gotti"? Check out this video tour of the abandoned Gotti mansion from the show as YouTubers find all kinds of incredible things left behind by the Gotti family.

Kyle McGran Via YouTube


Youtuber Kyle McGran takes viewers on a pretty incredible tour of Victoria Gotti's former mansion located in Old Westbury, New York and, some of the things the Gotti family left behind in the home and on the property when they moved is pretty incredible.

Victoria Gotti's "Growing Up Gotti" Old Westbury, New York Mansion

The gorgeous Gotti family home in Old Westbury, New York also served as the set for the A&E tv show "Growing Up Gotti". According to Kyle McGran, the "abandoned home is a full estate with a 7,000 square foot house detached garage, triple-level pool/hot tub/bar with a guest house detached garage and horse stable with in-law suite."

The Gotti mansion boasts five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a media room, three balconies, a sizable pool, and more.

"Growing Up Gotti" aired for three seasons on A&E from 2004 to 2005.

Victoria Gotti, daughter of Mafia boss John Gotti and her three sons, Frank Agnello, Carmine Agnello, Jr, and John Agnello lived in the house as they stared in the reality show.

Gotti Mansion Raided By Federal Agents

In 2016, the Gotti mansion and the family-owned auto parts business were raided by federal agents in what was allegedly part of a tax fraud investigation involving Victoria's three sons John, Carmine, and Frank.

The Gotti family reportedly moved out of the mansion shortly after the raid, and the property has been abandoned ever since.

YouTuber Kyle McGran Tours Gotti Mansion


Kyle McGran Via YouTube

McGran goes inside the 7,000 square foot home and finds that there's still quite a bit of the Gotti family's things still inside.

Couches, leather chairs, tv sets, even artwork, all still exactly where the Gotti family left it all the day they walked out of the home for the last time.

Certainly, the artwork found in one of the downstairs bathrooms doesn't have much value or they wouldn't have left it, right?

Kyle McGran Via YouTube


That's not all McGran found in the abandoned Gotti mansion.

Left behind in the home were also two locked safes. I'm sure the family wouldn't have left two safes behind full of valuables, but who knows. They left behind five cars on the property including what appears to be a Model T Ford!

Could any of these classic cars have once belonged to John Gotti?

Kyle McGran Via YouTube
Kyle McGran Via YouTube


This is all pretty amazing, but there is one discovery at the Gotti mansion that's probably the coolest of all.

McGran found a secret room hiding behind a built-in bookshelf.

The room was full of all sorts of things left behind including Gucci clothes, suits, DVDs, and more.

Below is the full video of McGran's tour of the Abandoned Gotti mansion. It's a long video, but it's a really fun watch.


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