Remember the incredible Airbnb in Covington, Louisiana called the Covington Castle-King/Queen Suite we told you about a few months ago? Well, now you can do better than just staying there for a couple of can buy it and live there for the rest of your life!

Castle For Sale In Covington, Louisiana

Only a 2-hour drive from Lafayette, what was once the most exciting Airbnb stay in Louisiana, the Covington Castle, is now for sale.

The Covington Castle
loading... describes the Covington Castle as "A classic, Medieval exterior encloses this meticulously hand-crafted home that blends the old with the new."

The 5,000 sq ft Louisiana castle is a three-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath otherworldly experience. Seriously.

You'll also find an indoor theater, game room, bar, a "designer pool", an indoor spa, an outdoor kitchen, and more.

Can imagine coming home to your very own castle after an exhausting day at work?

Clearly, a home of this magnitude is going to come at the appropriate price, and the price tag for you to own this unique, one-of-a-kind home will run you approximately $5,000 a month according to the listing.

We haven't priced castles lately, but we're sure that's probably the going rate, wouldn't you think?


Oh, and it's also important to know that the Covington Castle sits on a whopping 10 Acres!

Ready to book your tour so you can see it in person and decide you have to figure out a way to plant a money tree so you can put an offer down on this bad boy before it's too late?

Was that really long run-on sentence?

For more information and to book a tour (only serious inquiries) head over to

From the listing at -

"Offering indoor theater, designer salt-water in-ground pool, game room, bar, open kitchen, beautiful bedroom suites, indoor spa, stone shower with programmable jets and countless more amenities!

Majority of lawn maintenance is included and can be furnished or unfurnished."


Castle for Sale in Covington, Louisiana [PHOTOS]

Who knew Louisiana had castles? Who knew Louisiana had castles for sale?


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