Security cameras are everywhere. They see you come and go and you never know when you are being watched. More and more home owners are protecting life and property by installing video surveillance around their property. It looks like this security camera may have saved Christmas for one family and might put a large shipping company in the dog house. The video clearly shows a Fed Ex driver leaving a package at the front door of this home.

Later in the day another package is delivered this time by UPS. The driver for UPS rings the doorbell and leaves. Then he comes back to see what the other driver had left behind. He then makes what could be a costly mistake.He steals the Fed Ex package.

Not only should this cost this man his job but if in fact what we are seeing on this video is real the entire reputation of UPS is now basically in the toilet. What do you think is fair compensation for this family? The return of the contents of the Fed Ex package? Or should they be entitled to more? If I am UPS I am thinking quickly on how to respond before this video explodes on line.

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