The beauty of sports is not always displayed on the field. For the unathletic, the beauty and joy of sports are often found in defending our team and trashing our rivals. The whole reason that sports radio exists is so that fans can argue about sports without having to be at a bar the whole time. in preparation for the upcoming feeding frenzy that is college football season has taken a huge can of gasoline and dumped it on an already burning fire. The website has proclaimed that LSU is the most overrated team in the Southeastern Conference.

I see how the writers of this article could conclude that LSU at times has been overrated, especially by the fans. However, the MOST overrated in the conference this year? I don't see that.

I think Tiger fans, myself included, are hopeful that Coach Orgeron and a new offensive and defensive strategy will help improve what is already a really good football team.

Is anyone in Tigernation ready to put the mobile home up in a bet that the Tigers will dethrone Alabama in the SEC West this year? Nah. Maybe next year, but this year we're going to hang on to the doublewide and hope that lightning will strike in the Tigers favor November 4th in Tuscaloosa.

If you want overrated in the SEC why not look at Tennessee or Georgia? Those teams are always the darlings of the pundits in August and never talked about in November. At least LSU has managed to stay nationally relevant up until the Alabama game almost every year.

By the way, the same brain trust that picks LSU as overrated also includes Tennessee, Florida, and Texas A&M. What's odd is this same collection of sports scholars has also included A&M and Tennessee in their underrated teams. How can they be both?

Oh because sports, that's why.

One more observation if I may. I wonder how many times CBS television will choose to showcase the "overrated" Tigers on their national football telecasts this year?

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