When Antoine "Fats" Domino sat down at a piano you could hear the hidden heartbeat of  New Orleans. Although he only stood five feet five inches tall he was larger than life in musical circles.  His playing style was as effortless and easy as gentle flow of the mighty Mississippi River. It's as if the soul of the Crescent City was as close as the touch of his fingertips on the keyboard.

His walking bass line moved us to climb Blueberry Hill and helped us take one more step as we were Walking To New Orleans. Antoine Dominique Domino Jr had a gift. It was a gift he couldn't help but share.

Fats Domino was more than a Louisiana icon. His influence was felt through all genres of music and entertainment. Just look at some of the celebrity reaction on Twitter as news of his passing broke yesterday morning.


A gentle man, an easy smile, an infectious personality, those attributes and a barge full of musical talent made it easy to be a fan of Fats Domino. The cause of death was listed as natural causes. Fats Domino was 89.

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