Back in the day when microwave ovens were first being introduced to consumers, I recall one commercial that stated: "the food gets hot but the oven stays cool". That is the case for most microwaves. However certain models of Kenmore Elite Microwave ovens can't quite make that claim. That is why there has been a recall issued.

According to the recall notice, the ovens are being recalled because of an issue with the unit's wiring. This issue allows the outside temperature of the oven to reach 183 degrees Farenheight. That certainly is hot enough to burn an unsuspecting chef or a drunk roommate who is trying to heat up a burrito at two in the morning.

The recalled ovens were manufactured on April 27, 2017. The manufacturing date is the first six digits of the microwave's serial numbers, each of which begins with 170427. The model number is 204.77603610.

The units were sold exclusively at Sears and Sears Home Stores. If you've purchased one of these ovens you are encouraged to stop using it immediately. You are also encouraged to contact Sears and arrange for a free in-home repair.

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