Most of the time we don't really notice the subtle seasonal changes in gasoline prices. And yes, there are two distinct gasoline seasons that do affect how much you and I pay at the pump. The higher prices happen during the summer driving season. The lower prices return when the demands of summer driving fade with colder weather.

Based on information from the American Automobile Association the lower gas prices of fall are arriving early in Louisiana and by the time the leaves start to turn color many locations in the state could be looking gas prices under two dollars a gallon.

The current average price for a gallon of regular gas in Louisiana is $2.31. That's down about seven cents when you compare the prices from last month. Compared to this time last year gas prices are about.30 cents cheaper.

In the Lafayette area, there are several retailers that are selling regular gas for $2.02 cents a gallon so the price per gallon could be below $2.00 before Labor Day when the "fall driving season" unofficially begins.

Season fluctuations aren't the only reason the state and the nation are seeing lower fuel prices. Analysts with AAA also cite a slowing economy has another reason for the price drop. When the economy slows down so does the demand for fuel. That lack of demand coupled with a large supply also affects how much we'll be paying at the pump.


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